Ons verhaal

imagecontactNecessity is the mother of all designs. There is no other country like Holland in the world;with its high population and space constraints. The Dutch have been required to design everything with attention to its functionality, durability and small details. This movement is known as ‘Dutch design’ and Grand 1888 is pure Dutch design. Proof of this mastery is in the early 20th century when Dutch engineers had the foresight to build roads in combination with bicycle lanes from the start. This early knowledge, and application there of, has lead to this small country constructing an infrastructure that now supports one of the best and largest airports (Schiphol) and harbours (Rotterdam) in the world. The Dutch design was exported abroad in the early days beginning with New Amsterdam, for example. New York city formally known as New Amsterdam was founded by the Dutchman Peter Stuyvesant and the impact of Dutch design can still be felt in the ‘big apple’ today.

In 1888, John Boyd Dunlop developed the hollow pressurised tire, with this development the bicycle rapidly began to be adopted by the Dutch as the main form of transport. Due to tightly built villages, the flat landscape and the short distances to travel cycling was quickly becoming popular for being the most efficient and economic way of getting around. Even now-a-days, when cars, trains and planes have taken over most of the traffic worldwide, the Dutch still prefer cycling. With only 17 million citizens there are still 1.2 million bicycles sold every year.

The design of the current Grand 1888 collection is based on the early Grandmother bikes and hasn’t changed much with regards to that successful design from the past. This adored design allows you to sit up straight and ‘take everything’ in while you ride. Good for your posture, good for the mind, typically Dutch, comfortable and still made by hand in the Netherlands. For added authenticity every frame, spoke and saddle draw on the original blueprints from 1888. The bell holder, metal lamp, saddle and brass ball head plaque are all manufactured in Holland. In order to remain true to the original design only the use of Dutch suppliers have helped keep Grand 1888 what it’s best known for – it’s Dutch design.

The only advancement into the future has been with modern gear sets, new braking systems, lighting and lock systems. All have been designed exclusively for Grand 1888 and maintain the traditional appearance of 1888. All this so that when you’re cycling on one of the Dutch’s finest bicycle, you want to make sure your state-of-the-art.

Grand 1888 is for the young and the young at heart. It’s the relaxing and elegant way to travel. Designed for the streets of Amsterdam and now available for on the streets of any capital in the World.